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Do you link games fighting or war games that have to do with Robots? If so, then Iron Kill: Robot Games MOD APK is the best game which you should try. Also, this game is specially made for those who really likes high tense action.
At the start of the game you are given only a single robot fighter but that does not mean that your robot is very weak to fight with other robots.

However, the game isn’t easy to master thus, you need to unlock over fifteen unique fighters, isn’t cool? In this way, you can build your legendary fighters from 35 mean metal machines, fighting robots and dominate in the contest through a post-apocalyptic world. As you can imagine, each level comes with its own unique ideas and challenges.

Your main objective here is to start robot boxing fight using quick attacks to stay agile or heavy attacks to go strong. The game is packed with a plethora of boxing & fighting tactics along with unique abilities like stun, critical strike, shock and so on. If your plan is really to dominate in the real word of champions then unleash your combat skills as much as you can.

Once you start playing the game, you will see that the gameplay is very distinct and interesting. Every unlocked fighter can be upgraded with steel and attack skills. Furthermore, you’re able to upgrade your battlebots to enhance their steel and attack skills. Also, do not forget to equip your robot fighter with boosts to double its power in the fights.

In this game there are more than 60 league fights and challenging 12 unique champions to win the Ultimate Iron Kill Championship. So, play hard and mostly smart if your mission to be a CHAMPION.

Visually, the game is amazing. It allows you to explore a vivid, vibrant game world full of fun and the experience can be an interesting one for sure. The music is also interesting and crisp as well.

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