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RunBot MOD APK has been furiously trying to escape with the help of about 10 million players since 2013. There are a lot of reasons for playing this android game. The thing is so fast and intense that it is hard to put down.

The animation is much more realistic than even some robot movies. The building your robot scenario looks a bit like Star Wars but is more of a Tony Stark type build. The 3D is not just good it is great. The 2016 update added more to the visuals.

The voice in the game is kind of fun and a bit eerie. This is a great job of adapting a human voice to sound like an old fashioned robot movie voice. The voice of the female overlord is a constant in the game but can be diminished for those who do not want to hear what the master says.

The premise of the game is that you as a robot have escaped. The idea is that you continue to be free as long as you gain energy. You get energy by running around the futuristic city and collecting batteries. There are loads of batteries everywhere.

Your robot can fly almost. The robot jumps in a manner than is very similar to Selene in Underworld. You have to develop some air speed control skills and maneuvering to keep your robot from crashing and being blown to bits.

It combines all of the essentials that you need in a game. The action is fast paced, the playing control is simple, the movement is fast and entertaining, and the visuals are really well done. Being free is an added incentive.

This game is just fun. You do not have to put a world of thought into it to be thoroughly entranced.

Pick a bot and go play it. Come back to this site and let us know how far you ran.

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