Siege: Titan Wars MOD APK is a battle game. This game comprises of many insane titles adopted from other games with similar graphics and game games play. Surely, if you have managed to play bits of the game before, you would conclude that it is certainly quite derivative. Although it is well made to an extent, with a combination of modern elements it offers little in the way of missions.

Gamers will resist the temptation to stick around playing it for a while. A player’s mission is to build an army of warriors, after which you begin to conquer players in multiple series of PvP battles. The combat is mainly on the lane defense range, with the portrait layout allowing you to roam upwards and take out your enemy.

Along the line, gamers, before taking out an enemy base, have to destroy at least two of their towers. Players have to work to stop troops who are doing the same thing with them. It is a working but yet frantic experience. During the game, you are assigned energy with more energy points added every second. The energy here can be used to touch down various unit kinds, along with special cast attacks.

The primary consideration here is to sufficiently maintain balance. While one energy point puts basic infantry down, three can unleash a much-rugged unit, while two utilizes siege weapons which is particularly highly effective against towers. Your special attacks can vary as you can use them with Orc warrior costing four points and being overpowered.

The game Features

♦ Features a simple rock, scissors, paper style combat.

♦ This game is highly satisfying to watch especially when your army are roaming.

♦ Consists of an excellent mix of familiar mechanics.

The game is a straightforward style combat game that is both entertaining and interesting features we all have seen in the past. There is always the issue that players will end up fading in the game, after all, it is a combination of things we have seen before.

With knowledge of the kind of precision and touch of class it offers, it may marvel you initially, but it doesn’t have the staying power when compared to other games. For a little while, it will be quite appealing.

What's New

-New Challenges: Arcane and Super Siege
-Balance Changes
-Various minor bug fixes and gameplay improvements

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Simutronics Corp
  • Version: 1.19.230
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and up

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