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This is a brief review of the space commander game. The game comprises of six heroes and thirty-four characteristic combat units and skills. Space Commander MOD APK is a wargame on a spaceship. It has a broad collection of moves. The guidelines and rules on how to play this game are easy and straight forward. To have good knowledge about the game you have to include some skills, races and ships.

The game portrays a large collection of battles, which includes all the cliché of sci-fi: carriers, flight of fighters, big capital ships, and starbombers, elite pilots, missiles, heroes, torpedoes, big spinal cannons, black holes, and much more. All aimed at experiencing an epic star war.

The Best Features Of Space Commander MOD APK:

• In the game there’s a very large alien spaceship that forces itself into the Milky Way Galaxy. As a result of this, the Milky Way Galaxy is heading towards the solar system. A disloyal territory of Space barbarians went against the Armistice Unison among the three Kingdoms ruling the cultured area of the earth.

• Armistice hope for terrestrials to love serenity and not remember how a real space battle is being fought. The earth was prone to danger because it’s civilization was not ready for the war with the barbarian race, who had made its power stronger for centuries.

• The person capable of preventing the war is a retired mercenary and combat veteran is called a Space Commander. This space commander at a point moved around the Galaxy without aim ready to attack, when suddenly an alien purposely went against the border. The Space Commander was the first terrestrial to see the harmful enemy. He has to hold back the violation to grant Earth the space and time to get ready for the war.

Space commander MOD APK is an adventurous game to try out. Particularly people who love wars and battles would find this game interesting. This game is all aimed at experiencing an epic star war.

What's New

- New Epic Unit: Leecher
- Balance tweaks and bugfixes

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Gamegou Limited
  • Version:
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and up

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