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Games are particularly meant for fun but most times, gamers read meaning into these games.

There are simulation games, real-time strategy games, adventure games, action games, puzzle games, combat games, first person shooter games, educational games, role-playing games and a host of others.

With the creation of smartphones, gaming has become a global phenomenon and online stores like the Google Play Store and Apple Store are packed with a catalog of games.

Special Forces Group 2 (SFG) MOD APK is one of such games that can be found in these stores. The 3D first person shooter game is definitely one to experience if you are a fan of war games.

The game which was developed by ‘ForgeGames’ is a single player game with an online multiplayer option via a Wi-Fi Router.

It comes with four (4) game modes namely;

1. Classic: In this mode, the gamer accompanies his teammates to execute the opposition team. Once all opposition team members are eliminated, another stage begins.

2. Resurrection: In this mode, the gamer accompanies his teammates to execute the opposition team. However, when killed, the gamer has to wait for some time to be resurrected.

3. Capture the Flag: In this mode, the gamer accompanies his teammates to steal the flag of the opposition team.

4. Zombie Mode: In this mode, the gamer accompanies his teammates to execute aggressive zombies.

In SFG, gamers get to experience what it feels like to be on a mission, face teams of terrorists as well as other Special Forces teams and most importantly work as a team.

With pistols, shotguns, machine guns, rifles, sniper-rifles, submachine guns, bulletproof vest, maps and grenades at one’s disposal, Special Group Forces 2 MOD APK is definitely one game to experience.

SFG comes with seven language packs; English, ???????, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, ???,?? which afford gamers across the globe an opportunity to select any language of their choice.

Due to the obscene amount of violence in the game, SFG is rated 16+ for strong violence.

If you enjoy killing zombies, eliminating terrorists and working with a team, look no further than Special Forces Group2 MOD APK.

What's New

-Optimized multiplayer
-Voice chat
-ability to change the map in user rooms
-fixed Error2 bug
-improved anti-cheat
-fixed bugs

-Table leaders for the day
-improved anti cheat
- New Glock Model and Inspection Animation
- new model HK416
-shield cost increased
-fixed bugs

-Improved anti-cheat
-Molotov Cocktail
-New model PM and inspection animation
-New Anaconda Model and Inspection Animation
-Increased shield price
-fixed bugs

Extra Information

  • Developed by: ForgeGames
  • Version: 4.0
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: Varies with device

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