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Spider-Man has been getting rebooted for some time now whether it’s games or movies. The new Spider-Man Unlimited Spider-Man game comes from the stable of Gameloft, a few months after the movie version of the second Spider-Man.

This Unlimited version offers a self-contained storyline which deals with Sinister Six, and numerous dimensions with a serious emphasis on comic books. There is also a 3D comic book style, and it prepares the way for a new infinite runner game starring Spider-Man.

The game is more than an endless runner, even though it includes the auto-runner structure, but there’s a story mode fitted into distinct comic story lines. Players start by challenging The Green Goblin from different dimensions with specific points. As you track down Goblins, you’ll have three lanes to swipe between with slides.

There’s so much action to keep you finger continually ready to handle maneuvers as you run across rooftops, up to the inter-dimensional spaceships, and down to rooftops. This game also allows swinging through the city, holding and tapping, and skydiving straight down, which is controlled by tilt. The game also includes the boss battles, where you must swipe down or up into special orbs to bring down the Vulture, Goblin, and more.

As you’d expect, this game is free for all. With many Spider-Men waiting to be unlocked, there are 2 types of currency to assist you in finding rare spider-man, move up faster, and also merge more. There is also the energy meter, and all story missions, endless run, or time-based event consumes one energy of the five-point system. If you are out of energy, it will require the premium currency to top off, and it will break the game flow.

Spider-Man Unlimited MOD APK lets you swipe to trick a running Spider-Man through lots of obstacles for engaging entertainment that’s worth picking up. With this being said, the game cannot swing through layers of purchases in-app, annoying leveling mechanics, as well as locked down story missions.

What's New

Celebrate the season with a special Christmas issue of Spider-Man Unlimited, packed with a brand-new story!


- Halt the Spider-Queen's return before she ushers in a reign of terror!

- KNULL, the Lord of the Abyss, is back to turn the tide of battle!
- SPIDER-GWEN (ERIN HASKO) is ready to steal the spotlight.
- ANA SORIA, the Spider-Queen, holds the power to control humans & crush foes.
- OCTO-SPIDEY is a heroic hybrid who’s joined by a new CARNAGE!

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Gameloft
  • Version: 4.6.0c
  • Downloads: 100,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.0 and up

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