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If you are a fan of robots and you love to build empires, Steampunk Syndicate 2 MOD APK is the game for you. This Tower Defense game is a sequel, with an element of collectible cards, and all the amazing steampunk settings. The revolution is still on, and we are now in the Steam Era. The syndicates are growing more powerful devastating people and gaining control.

With the help of the giant steam robot called the Defender, fight alongside the steam rebels to protect the empire, and end the tyranny of the Syndicates. The Syndicates will come after the defense robot. Your main task will be to secure the Defender against the terrorists.

The TD game was created with various traditional steampunk characters, weapons, air balloons, and there is the opportunity to build five models of defense towers to fortify the resistance. These towers are a gatling gun, an elemental fire thrower, bomber, generator and Telsa electro bolt.

Advance to strategic and highly developed levels like; Realm of kings, the City, Seaside town, Submarine, Temple of time and lots more. The Tower Defense game is an adventurous challenge that tests your skill in strategy.


♦ There are 40+ challenging levels and opportunity to come up with better strategies

♦ There are five defense towers with upgrades

♦ Two (2) first heroes, which are upgradable.

♦ Steampunk Robots (Customisable)

♦ Amazing game interface

The Great Revolution is almost at an end, and the Steam heroes are vanishing at an alarming rate. Their only hope is the Defender, and the syndicates are informed of the defense plan. Your mission is to lead the remaining heroes, create special units, destroy the syndicates, and defend the empire.

Formulate the best strategies using the vast number of attacks and items available in the game, bring peace to the world again. It’s safe to say that the game is ideal for war lovers.

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