STELLAR FOX – drawing puzzle 1.37 APK


Stellar Fox MOD APK is a beautiful line drawing puzzle game that creates a superficial but uncommon game style, thanks to its enhanced physics it is developed with. While incorporating awesome creativity, cleverness, and beauty, this 2D sandbox game stands out unique from other puzzle games in the same realm.

The game features enjoyable, emotional clips of a baby fox that has just been separated from its family in the Fox Constellation. Though found only at the introduction, you would wish more exciting scenes were added throughout the game.

Playing Stellar Fox MOD APK does not come easy as there are several obstacles contained in each level, such as Micro Black Holes that draws the fox to the center. Before completing each level, players are expected to draw lines capable of guiding the baby fox toward a portal. As a matter of fact, this is a game of strategy and critical thinking. As you continue in the game, you will begin to experience a growth in difficulty. This tends to increase more significantly after the first 15 levels. So be warned, you can easily get frustrated at this point. Some of the best features of the game include

– An otherworldly atmosphere accompanied by a melancholy music.

– A fairy tale-style representation. Thanks to the awesome 2D art.

– Insightful graphics and inspiring soundtrack.

– The game also features beautiful scenery and constellations to admire, as you journey through the levels.

– The fox’s many obstacles are visually enhanced and accentuated by a skillful use of light and darkness.

STELLAR FOX MOD APK has indeed proven its uniqueness in the mobile gaming industry. No wonder, it’s succeeding. You too can be part of this success. All you need do to have an enjoyable experience is to plan well and strategize on avoiding those seemingly overwhelming hurdles.

What's New

- Creation Mode added
* Now you can make and share your own levels with everybody!
- Object manual added
- Language added : French
- Increased reward per ad view amount
- Price for energy related items adjusted
- Increased daily reward amount
- Donation menu added
- Free solutions menu added
- Ad removal, infinite energy special packages removed => Premium Package added

Extra Information

  • Developed by: RAWPLE STUDIO
  • Version: 1.37
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and up

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