Suрer Toss The Turtle 1.172.75 APK
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  • 4.1 and up
  • Version: 1.172.75
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The world of turtle tossing has never seen a game like this and while the premise of Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK might be incredibly simplistic, this title provides the player with more than enough to do to keep themselves busy. The graphics are designed in more of an old school manner that fits the game perfectly and game play is very easy for players of all skill levels to pick up.

This game is a sequel the original turtle toss title (try saying that five times fast) and the competition has been raised to a different level. You’ll have the chance to compete against all of your friends for the title of supreme turtle tosser and there are a wide variety of awesome gadgets that will serve to make your tasks even simpler than before.

There are also several different animals that are waiting to be launched by you, as well as the opportunity to launch these critters to heart’s content. This is the type of game that will have players wondering how they have managed to become addicted to it so quickly, as I found myself having an awfully hard time putting it down once I started to play.

Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK has a plethora of different features as well and players who wish to know more about this title would do well to read on and learn more.

? Several unique characters for players to toss around as they see fit.

? Over a dozen guns and cannons that can be used to fire off your chosen characters.

? A variety of new booster items that offer hours of fun and enjoyment.

? All sorts of new gadgets, including nukes, rockets, jet packs and bombs.

? Over 60 different achievements to gain, ensuring that players will have plenty to keep them busy.

Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK is a great addition to any gamer’s collection and to find out more about other games you’ve missed out on, be sure to check back regularly.

What's New

What’s New
- fixed a bug where gliding space spikes kill without a warning
- fixed a few other small issues
- 5 new delicious characters!
- fixed a bug when shooting Partick the frog
- big plane no longer appears in space or beyond and has less chance of appearing overall
- music tracks now cycle every 10 minutes
- some characters now have special blood color
- some other fixes not worth noting

Extra Information

  • Developed by: GonzoSSM
  • Version: 1.172.75
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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