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With a collection of different cars from different manufacturers running into hundreds, this is a game you will find very fascinating. Every car you own can be transformed to suit your taste. As you race against different cars in multiple races, be prepared not to lose. Becoming a pro in Top Drives MOD APK means you have to race the fastest car and get to the finish line first. What’s more, you can actually read the radar to see how quick or slow you are with your car.

There are different versions of cars, and some are designed to run faster than others. With over five hundred cars to choose from, ensure you select the fastest to include in your fleet. As you progress from stage to stage, the cars you will race against will determine how good your car performance is.

Always bear it in mind that a car won’t improve on its own. As you are about to embark on race, whatever car you select has a list of features which you can enhance. From the engine, the brakes or even the transmission are elements to check out for when setting up for the next race. Ensure these features are upgraded as you earn more points.

Some of the features of Top Drives MOD APK are listed below:

? Improve car performance with extensive upgrades.

? Build a fleet of cars from licensed manufacturers.

? Check out car performances as you battle against other fast cars in a race.

If you are enthusiastic about different model of cars, Top Drives MOD APK is the game to download on your mobile phones. With different car manufacturers from all over the world to choose from, you can master the functions of a car.

Even as interesting as the game is, children older than three can play the game and understand concepts about the different cars in the world. The same also goes for adults who know little or nothing about the car manufacturers to buy from in the real sense.

What's New

- Vive la France! Start collecting some of the world's greatest hot hatches with the arrival of Peugeot.
- Over 50 new models as part of the new French Renaissance set, including Citroen and Bugatti!
- Over 90 new American Dream cars, introducing Pontiac and featuring new models from Dodge, GMC and more.
- Top Drives has more licensed cars than any other game with over 1250 models!

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Hutch Games
  • Version:
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 5.0 and up

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