Truck Driving Race: US Route 66 APK
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This game has been graphically developed to get players ready for a real road trip. Which fleet of trucks you can choose from, you will embark on an adventurous journey. Most of your journey will be on the highway, and part of your task is to deliver packages at every required destination. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the US historical highways, you can become a new truck driver, and your exploration will begin.

You don’t expect to have a very smooth ride across the different highways. Because you have cargo to deliver on time, your journey starts when you start your truck. As you tour the road, you may be attacked by other road users. These road users will try to stop you so that you won’t get to your destination. You must fight your way through the highway. Some of these highway users range from aliens or soldiers that may see you as a threat. Since your mission is to transport cargo from one destination to another, these road urchins may want to knock off your truck on the highway. Rather, ensure that you crush them off the highway because you have a big truck that can help you get the job done.

? A fleet of extreme trucks you can choose from

? Navigate the historical highways of the United States

? Fight off forces that are trying to take you off the highways

? Deliver cargo to the assigned destination at record time

This is a fun loving game packed with extreme action. If you want to learn more about truck driving, this game has been simulated to give you a real life highway experience. Even if you haven’t driven a truck before, this game can give you the confidence to help you drive your first real life truck. Learn how to stay focused on the highway with various distractions. Just ensure you can get to your destination so you can advance to the next.

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