Ultimate Robot Fighting 1.3.112 APK


Seen by many as a clone of ‘Injustice’ from the story mode to the stamina system, Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK is a game that brings about the collection, battling and the upgrading of robots.

With each opponent you battle, you earn an experience and digipoints which can be used to purchase robots through the individual robot packs. It can also be used for upgrading existing robots through rank-ups or power cards. The digipoints act as premium currencies but are hard to earn as you would expect in every free-to-play game.

The Gameplay is fantastic. Matches are played by executing either light and heavy attacks (tapping and swiping the screen). You can execute super moves when the energy meter is filled by tapping the energy bar designated for this effect. Subsequently, there are loads of robots to collect such as would satisfy the dire ‘robotic needs’ of every enthusiast.

The availability of numerous options which includes URF for improving the robots is a brilliant idea. It is also possible to switch out teams instead of having an overall system of energy that eventually forces you to stop playing the game. This is possible because the battle power (which is the freemium option) is linked to your robots energy and not the overall system.

The fact that Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK didn’t feature transformers or even the GObots confirms that it is a classic and an independent game.

Are you left with a vacuum in your heart that can only be filled by playing the game? The controls (are also sleek and easy to operate. The sound and the graphics are top notch as well. It is a game that will pin you to a spot for hours with no front of hunger or urgency as you play.

Download the Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK game and see ultimate gaming from a different perspective. Visit this website again for more exciting games.

What's New

Adjustments done for smoother and effortless gameplay
Unlock new Tiers in the Career Mode to reveal exciting Quest challenges
Play and level-up to discover new Deals and Offers
Experience fighting with new Robots in Daily Exhibition
Get Robots. Upgrade them to build your ultimate war-machine.
Enjoy flawless fighting experience across all smartphone screens

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