Valiant Force 1.34.1 APK


This highly anticipated role playing mobile strategy title has been eagerly awaited and for good reason. Players are given the chance to form a team by choosing from over 200 diverse heroes and at least 40 different jobs. The world of Arathos is a dangerous and vast one and you’ll need to save its residents from the threat of a rapidly awakening evil.

Valiant Force MOD APK provides players with an epic adventure. The game is based on the classic turn based role playing game structure and you’ll have ample opportunity to test your strategic skills. If you are able to move the heroes you’ve chosen to the proper areas, you’ll trigger their aura in a manner that is helpful to your chances of victory.

In order to win, you’ll need to become a tactical combat master and choose the hero with the job that is easiest for you to master. Game play is simple to learn (while being tough to master), the graphic design has to be seen to be believed and there are zero untimely lags to report, thanks to the game’s intuitive control systems.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the awesome features that Valiant Force MOD APK has to offer….

? A spellbinding soundtrack composed by none other than Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto (with an assist from the good people at Basiscape).

? A guild system that allows you to gather your closest friends and family into your group.

? A player vs player arena, where players can do battle and test their levels of mettle and strength.

? The chance to win piles of awesome loot by destroying a series of terrifying boss monsters.

? Specialized jobs and heroes, so that you can tailor your character to your specific skills.

Valiant Force MOD APK is one of the best games of its kind and will provide hours of enjoyment. Those who wish to remain up to date on other games like this one should take the time to return regularly.

What's New

Take on new raid bosses and challenges as the Chinese New Year approaches!

New Events:
- Magic Safari
- Chinese New Year Special
- Valentine’s Day Surprise

New Awakenings:
- Elf Rhea
- Leon and Theia

- New Legacy Armor for the remaining classes
- New Ancient Weapons for Theia and more
- New Costumes for Emiko and more

- Rebirth Function for Awakened Units
- New Stat and Skill Runes
- Conquest Season 2, with new challenges and wardens

Various Bug Fixes

Extra Information

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