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If you like WWE and even if you do not, WWE Immortals puts a spin on wrestling and the best known WWE characters that is futuristic and may one day actually be the way professional wrestling actually happens.

The premise is simple. You pick a character and engage in combat to advance to higher levels of competition. The game changer is that the wrestler of your choice comes equipped with superhuman powers. Those powers can be added to by beating the snot out of your opponents, buying upgrades to strength and power, and buying into three different tiers of players.

It combines the basic elements that make for an exciting and interesting game that people want to play.

The graphics are first rate. The variety of powers that each character has is amply reflected in the appearance of the character. Added powers make changes that you can see as soon as you get the new power.

The sound is realistic. It is loud. The crowd noise in tournament play sounds like sound bites from the WWE.

This game follows a logical and obtainable path to being the ultimate victor. You do not get shunted down useless avenues to nowhere like some action games do. There are 50 levels of play so you can get there but you have to fight a lot. You eventually get a shot at becoming an immortal.

Tournament play is an addition that is taken directly from the WWE. You must have attained enough credit to enter a tournament. Tournaments are held every week. The progressive difficulty of each tournament level requires an understanding of tactics and smart power and gear choices. Your gear can evolve if you collect enough victories. The fight preparation board gives you a clear idea of what you are up against before you fight.

The game is free. Once you have played some, come back our site and tell us your strategy tips and tricks.

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