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This is the best snow motocross racing game for kids who love extreme racing, fierce motorbikes, challenging game levels, wants to become a famous zombie smasher and can’t resist to high speed, zombie crushing and dangerous snow motorcycle tricks! So hop on your motorbike, win this dangerous snow motocross racing game and become a fiercest zombie smasher!

If you are passionate after motorcycle games then Zombie Shooter Motorcycle Race MOD APK is the best choice for you. Zombie Shooter Motorcycle Race is really one of the funniest and interesting game at the same time.

Your objective is to choose one of the 4 motorcycles such as Exterminator, Blade Rider, Nitro or Brute and with it you need to crush every zombie who blocks your way and try to attack you. You will not race only on slippery road but also on frozen lakes. collapsing bridges, muddy swamps, steep hills, dangerous trampolines and lot more.

In this game you can jump over zombies and by doing so, perform amazing flips and stunts with your chosen motorcycle. There are some racing streets with full of golden coins so remember to pick them one by one and then you can buy different motorcycles with different engines.

The graphics are top of the line, game play is simple yet challenging and the control systems are highly intuitive. The Go button serves to drive forward while you need to use arrows to balance your Zombie Motorcycle.

Zombie Shooter Motorcycle Race MOD APK also comes equipped with a plethora of fun features, including:

? Specific engine sounds for every Zombie Motorcycle in the game.

? Smooth, realistic physics simulations and top notch graphics.

? Game play that looks equally good whether the player is using a low resolution device or a high resolution device.

? Zero registration required, allowing players to sign in with their Google and/or Facebook account and get started right away.

Zombie Shooter Motorcycle Race’s unique graphics make this game highly recommended for you. For more information about other enjoyable motorcycle racing games like this one, be sure to stay tuned to this website.

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